Friday, April 22, 2011

Run to the Drug Store and Buy this!

 This is my new favorite eye shadow trio. It Wet 'n Wild trio in 335 Silent Night. 
I hear that the eye lid color (bottom on my hand) is a dupe for MAC Style Snob. I don't have Style Snob, but I've heard that. Also, it $3 and so pigmented. I recommend you go out and buy it right away, it completely blew my socks off.


All I used for my eye today was the trio and some Dior Show mascara. I am so please! 

Sorry the pictures aren't great, I apparently have awful lighting. Also, I'm not wearing color contacts 
but my eyes aren't that vibrant blue (at least I don't think so).
Sorry this post is so short but I have to go do three papers by Monday and then countless more assignments :(


  1. I can't find these anywhere! They are all sold out everywhere I look!

  2. I wish I read your review when I was still in the US! I'm always looking for good, cheap makeup for work! (I'm a makeup artist)

  3. I have this one and LOVE it.

    I have given you the Kreative Blogger award.

  4. Wow, this looks amazing :D

    xxx London & Paris

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