Sunday, September 26, 2010

NOTD - Silver Screen

I seem to always be on an epic search for something. Recently I've been searching for the perfect fall nail color. Fall is always hard in that sense. I want the bright, fun colors, but the leafs and cold weather make me think its time to break out the deep, dark colors. This has been a constant battle this September. I think I've found my in-between summer and fall color, and its.........

Revlon Silver Screen!

This to me is perfect. It doesn't seem to be a hot weather color or a snowball fight color, AKA a perfect in-between color. Let me just say LOVE IT.
I tend to be a snob
when it comes to nail polish, something I am trying to work on. I love me any OPI polish, but I had time to kill at CVS and this is the result. Boy what a great result!


  1. Hey sweety! Can't wait to read some more posts from you!
    Love that nail polish!

  2. Love the nail polish! I'm exactly the same haha I've been looking for a good in between autumn colour and this looks great on! Love your blog :) Check out mine if you get a chance,

    Jenn xx

  3. It looks really nice on your nails! Like the colour and your description. I'm willing to read more about you!

    I'm following you now. If you don't mind, would you follow me back? It would make my day! :) thanks!!


  4. i have a giveaway come on see if you want !!