Sunday, December 12, 2010

MissGlamorazzi's nail tutorial

MissGlamorazzi posted a video the other day with a nail tutorial. I liked it and needed to do my nails so I thought why not? Here is a link to the tutorial.

Here are the polishes I used.

I started off with Glitzerland by OPI over the entire nail. Then did one of Barry M's Bright Purple covering almost all of my nail. Then another coat of Bright Purple on the top half of the nail. Then I took a makeup wedge.....

and and covered it with Gosh's Purple Heart. Next I sponge painted the top portion of my nail. Then I painted the tip of the nail, and my final step was using a top coat.

Over all I think Ingrid did a much better job. I still need to clear up my nails, clearly from the look of the picture, but all in all I'm proud considering this is my first time trying something like this.

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  1. It's an excellent try for your first go! I like it anyway! It's a lot of effort and it's not wasted my friend! Loving your nail blog!
    And thanks for dropping by like a million years ago!
    jen @