Sunday, November 13, 2011

Ins & Outs

I have been so busy recently. My life is pretty much completely taken over by work. I spend at least 14 hours away from home a day. I know, I know, excuses excuses. Anyway I thought I'd do an ins & outs to back in the swing of things.

- The beautiful weather we've having here on the East Coast. It is so beautiful! I don't want it to leave.

- Chanel Rose Exuberant, I love it! I was re-organizing my polish collection and notice I had no hot pink polish. I went to the Chanel counter and it was there calling out to me, I knew I had to have it!

- Re-doing my room. I'm so excited! My only problem is trying to decide between staying with my current makeup storage or investing in a Clear Cube. Tough choices really do make up my life :)

- Holidays, sort of. I never mentioned this before but my brother is currently in Afghanistan. He was deployed over the summer. My entire family misses him. Sadly, he won't be home for the holidays. He's older than me and I've never spent the holidays without him. Its just not the same without him.

- Is it me or is everyone getting engaged? I swear I've only talked about weddings for the last two months.

- Breaking Dawn. I know everyone loves Twilight, but every time I see that preview I laugh. I can't help it.

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