Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Project 10 Pan Start!

Long time, no talk! 
I decided that I have too many crap and a project 10 pan is needed (10 for now at least).
Here are some of my most recently used up products (the ones before the start of the project ten pan)and whether I'd buy them again. If you want any additional information or more detailed reviews please let me know!
 John Frieda Volume Refresher 
Repurchase? - No, this lasted about 5 times. Waste of money!
 Soap & Glory Hand Food
Buy again? - Maybe. Nothing that blew my socks off, but it wasn't amazing either. 
 Ole Hendriksen Grease Relief Tonic
Buy again? - Probably not. Not a fan of the scent. I got this as part of a set, and some of the other products will hopefully be used up with my new "project".
 Lush UltraBalm and LaRocca Sugar Polish
Thoughts - Ultrabalm was nice, but the tiny packaging made it hard to open. Sugar Polish was recent, again nothing amazing.
 Murad Clarifying Cleanser
Thoughts of this? - Not bad, but again nothing that blew my socks off. I feel as if it wasn't all that clarifying.
 Ahava Mineral Hand Cream
Repurcharse? - No, not at all. Maybe if I decide smelling like a baby hooker is my signature scent.
 Moroccoan Oil 
Purchase again? - I liked it, but I think it would be better suited for an individual with thicker hair. I will say a little does a long way.
 NARS Oil Free Pro-Prime
Thoughts? - For something pore refining it didn't do that. Definitely better products on the market.

 MAC Zoom Lash and Revlon Creme Gloss
... - Zoom lash is not the best mascara out there, but the Revlon creme gloss was good, especially since I think I paid about $3 for it.
 Buxom Lash, Revlon Double Twist, Benefit BadGal Lash
Oh mascara how I love thee
Now I would buy Buxom again, but not Revlon. I'm completely undecided on BadGal. I feel like I could get something better for the price.
 GM Collin sample and Fresh Supernova
Would I buy either again? - I own the regular size of the GM Collin product and I have several other samples of Fresh Supernova.

Ahhh.... finally done! 

Well today started my new adventure. The amount of products I've gathered is upsetting. I don't use so many of the products. Hopefully I'm be able to find some new love in old beauties. 

In other news, this makes my 50 post! 
Be on the look out in the next couple of days for a giveaway. Yes, a GIVEAWAY!!! :)


  1. I definitely need to start a project 10 pan!

  2. I've been thinking about buying the Maroccanoil, but I'm not sure if it really is THAT good or just good marketing! haha! :)