Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Comparsion and Some New Loves!

I mentioned recently (really the only topic I've been talking about) that I need to go through my nail polish collection and get rid of some shades that either look awful on me or a have an exact dupe of. That is much easier said than done. Yes MAC's Peppermint Patti and Milani's Dress Maker look alike but I don't want to give one of them up! I looked high and low for those, which means I'm avoiding going through those at any cost. Welcome a distraction, Zoya vs Essie. Once I organized all my babies on my polish rack I realized Zoya's Marcella and Essie's In Stitches look A LOT a like. I decided to try them next to each. (Truthfully I hadn't had the chance to use them at all before this test sad face)
Essie on ring and index fingers. Zoya on pinky and middle fingers.
They look exactly a like! One polish down! In the bottle they don't look like exact dupes, but they are, they are! I can't tell them apart in person. Count me as a happy person today, one bottle about to be added to my blog sale!
Zoya Marcella, Essie In Stitches
 Since the two shades are exactly the same, which one to get rid of is the question. I mentioned, in this post, that I hate the new packaging on Essie's bottles, I think it looks a lot more tacky than classy, so out goes Essie's In Stitches. Zoya Marcella is the bottle winner! 

For those of you with Nordstrom's near you I'm sure you share my love of them. Though I can't always afford everything I want there, I'm looking at you Jimmy Choo, I love everything the store has. Every year they have their amazing Anniversary Sale, which includes exclusive beauty products. Exclusive and beauty mean one thing, I'm there!  Well searching for my next purchases I came across the new Estee Lauder line for Fall 2011. The only thing that really caught my eye was the Pure Color Liquid Eye Liners. They are truly amazing. I held back and only purchased one, black quartz.

Estee Lauder Black Quartz

Estee Lauder Black Quartz
 The point on this is great. I'm not exactly the world's best eyeliner applier but this applies like a dream. Not to mention lasts like no other. I had to use cream eye makeup remover, the liquid remover wouldn't even remove this from my hand. Talk about long-lasting! 
I don't know if you can tell from the swatch it has slight sparkles going on. Not crazy sparkle, just lovely little bits that you can barely notice when applied. Amazing!
Essie Pretty Edgy
Green nail polish is something I love but I always thought it would look bad on my skin tone. Boy was I wrong. Essie's Pretty Edgy is my new love! Now my favorite polish is constantly changing, this is my favorite of the week. If you've always been afraid of brighter greens don't be afraid any longer. The entire time I had this on I kept looking at and exclaiming my love of it. Give it a try or at least a look!


  1. omg, im always looking for the perfect green polish! Pretty Edgy looks awesome <3 where/when did you get it??? :D

  2. I'm not sure how I feel about green nail polish, but sea foam...now we're talking!