Friday, July 15, 2011

Alex, I'll Take Becoming An Adult for $200

I know, I know. I promise to try to be a better blogger. Might seem like an empty promise, but I'll be trying!
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Let me update you on my life. I am offically an adult. I just bought a new car, got a grown up job, and cut off 8-9 inches of my hair. Not to mention my 22nd birthday is tomorrow. I finally feel like I'm becoming a real person. Fortunately, or unfortunately, with this new grown up life I needed some new things in my life. My mission lately is to find more businessy clothes, including an overhaul of my wardrobe. This overhaul made me realize how I need a pair of comfortable, yet chic flats. I have a slew of heels, but not many flats. My flats today gave me about 8 blisters. My feet hate me. Do you guys have any recs? I'm thinking Tory Burch or saving for some Lanvins. Have you found super comfortable flats, if so please share, my feet need the love. 
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My life overhaul also made me realized how my foundation seems way too dark. I almost always buy the lightest shade, yet they never seem to match my skin tone. Have any of you other pale beauties out there experienced this prolem? Everyone claims MAC has the best range, but that's BS. Their foundations are too dark. The only brand I've found that matches my skin tone is Bobbi Brown. Anyone know any other brands good for pale skinned individuals? YSL is too bad, but mostly I just love the formula of Teint Resist, which is great for oily skin. More like amazing. 
Finally, one of my birthday presents is Chanel Bronze Universal. Michele1218 mentioned that there was buzz going around that it was being discontinued and I checked. My Chanel person said they were, but its sold out everywhere. Since I spend too much money at Nordstrom I was able to order one of the last ones, or so I was told. When I get it, I'll try it out and add yet another review to the blogger world.

PS - Sorry for no orginal photos! 

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  1. I looooove Me, too flats. They're incredibly comfortable and really cute. I bought a pair for my nine-month trip, wore them constantly and they never hurt my feet. So good!