Saturday, July 2, 2011

Chanel Graphite

I know I know! It's been far too long! Hopefully I'm back for good. 
Now onto my purchase. Chanel's Fall 2011 "It" polish, Graphite. Its take your breathe away pretty. Foil silver? Kinda. Holographic? Not really. Dupe to China Glaze's Jitterbug? From very far away maybe. Uniquely Chanel? HECK YES!
 (Excuse my chipped CG Below Deck polish)
(Not is Graphite on my nails)
Its hard to explain a color this unique, though described it the best as possible when they said it is a light charcoal foil glitter that has been warmed up with small gold flakes. At $25 for a bottle Chanel doesn't come cheap but they come with truly unique shades. Remember Jade? Nouvelle Vague? I wanted them, but didn't buy them! I still regret that to this day. I even thought of dropping $250 for Jade online. Thankfully I stopped myself. The point can still be made, these polishes become hard to get! I got mine about 2 hours after my store put them out. I could not be happier with my purchase! If you want I will take some swatches and post them tomorrow. Just let me know. 

In other news I finally got my hands on a nail polish rack! I was so excited! As I was putting the polishes on I realized I had about 50 to 60 too many! I was sickened by that thought. The rack holds about 100 polishes, and I was 60 over? Is there such thing as a NPA (Nail Polish Anonymous)? If so I need to join. That's why I decided to do my blog sale, I can get rid of a bunch of bottles. ( I even managed to find some more that I'll add soon!)
The space left, none, tells me I need to rid myself of more, I just can't imagine saying goodbye to any more of my babies. So I've decided to try to wear every color on there. Each color I use will get a tiny piece of duct tape put on top of the cap. Come 2012 the bottles without duct tape are gone!!! 

Anyone want to partupate in this journey? Let me know! Maybe we can spread the word and become like an NPA online! 

Also, Chanel Graphite marks number 2 in my nail polish ban, not bad in my humble opinion! 

Goodbye for now! 


  1. If you find this nail polish anonymous please let me know lol I am in need of help haha!!

  2. omg!
    i adore the graphite.. it's hilarious!